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April 21 at 10am EST

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The Arts Envoy Lab is a vibrant and innovative AI training and community organizing space that lies at the intersection of art, activism, and cultural diplomacy.

Our mission is to teach you the principles of creative activism,
uing AI tools to amplify your voice in decision-making spaces for a more equitable, sustainable, and just world.

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Whether you consider yourself an artist, activist, or both, recognize this: We each possess untapped power within us. Through our creativity and activism, we have the collective potential to make an impact that reverberates around the world!


It's the moment to amplify your voice and speak truth to power, fostering positive change and creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

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Whether you care about the Gaza crisis, climate change, gender equality, food security or more, these guides will spark creative ideas to help you raise your voice!


Need a bit of inspiration? Check out these free tutorials in the Arts Envoy Lab YouTube.


Understand how to navigate and work in global policy spaces, creatively and effectively advocating for social justice causes on a global scale.

  • Discover strategies to engage a broad audience, mobilizing people worldwide for collective action and social transformation.
  • Learn how to increase the visibility and impact of world issues through effective communication, storytelling, and media engagement.
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to plan and execute impactful, direct actions that drive change and raise awareness.
  • Harness the power of symbolism and creative expression to convey powerful messages and inspire action.
  • Explore strategies for building inclusive movements that value diversity and promote equity among participants.

What Will I Learn?

You will learn how to become an effective and creative activist, using cutting edge AI tools to engage in policy spaces with a community of like-minded

progressive thinkers committed to systems change!

Do I Need to Be an Artist?

You can be but it's not necessary. Instead, you will learn how to amplify the power of arts and storytelling to advocate for the things you care about. You will learn about and develop tools for creative activism!

What Skills Will I Develop?

You will learn how to design and produce creative tools for your activism work and how to bring them into policy spaces like the UN during significant world gatherings!

April 21 at 10am EST


Lisa is an Emmy-winning filmmaker, Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Finalist, TEDx Speaker, and Founder of Create2030 with a 20-year career as a contracted creative professional for the UN/NGO sector!

An Asian American artist who became a self-taught filmmaker after receiving her Masters in Public Health (MPH) and working as a humanitarian aid worker during the Kosovo war, Lisa carved out a unique career path as a content creator in the UN/NGO sector where her career then skyrocketed.

But she never lost her activist spirit!

From traveling around the world, landing paid gigs at the United Nations and the NGO community, to speaking at some of the highest-profile stages of arts and policy, Lisa learned how to use her arts and storytelling skills to advocate for the things she cares about (and get paid!)

Now she's on a mission to teach others how to do the same!

The Arts Envoy Lab is Lisa's personalized training program, built on her 20 years of experience where she created her creative activism career and brought thousands of artists and activists into the UN/NGO sector.

How Do I Register?

Our March 28th Kick Off Call will show you exactly what you need to do

jumpstart your Arts Envoy Journey!

April 21 at 10am EST

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